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National Rifle Association  (thumb 125)

NRA Patches and Medals

NRA Member NRA Member NRA Life Member NRA Patron Member

NRA 1958 Pistol Regional Championships NRA 1961 11th North Dakota Invitational NRA 50 Yard Sharpshooter

NRA Executive Officer NRA 50 Yard Distinguished NRA 50 Ft Distinguished Expert 1934 NRA Eastern Small Bore Championships

NRA 1942 Expert NRA 1943 Expert NRA 1948 Expert

NRA 1938 German Rifle Club NRA Instructor Hunter Safety NRA Instructor Jr. Hunter School NRA 1939 Teaneck Police Pistol Match

NRA Jr Division Sharpshooter NRA Jr Division Marksman NRA Jr Division Marksman 1st Class NRA Jr Division Pro-Marksman

NRA Junior Club Member NRA Light Rifle Expert

NRA Marksman NRA 50 Ft Pro-Marksman NRA 50 Ft Marksman 1st Class NRA 50 Ft Marksman

NRA Pistol Expert NRA Pistol Marksman NRA 1943 Pistol Sharpshooter

NRA 50 Ft Sharpshooter NRA Sharpshooter NRA 1942 Sharpshooter

NRA Ranger NRA Safe Hunter NRA Award for Special War Service

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